Are You A Christmas Atheist?

Hello, my name is Phillip Kelley, and I'm a recovering Christmas Atheist... Here's a little preview to this weekend's message at Grace Church titled "Are You a Christmas Atheist?"

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How do you know you're a Christmas Atheist?  What are the signs?

  • Do you believe in God but doubt His ability to work in your life?
  • Do you believe that Jesus is mighty but still try to control EVERYthing and EVERYone?
  • If you say that Jesus is the capital C Counselor, then do you seek His counsel?
  • Did you know that worry comes from the root word "wurgen" which means to strangle, constrict and choke?  Ouch.  Worry is a control issue.
  • Jesus, our Mighty God, is a gentleman.  He will never force His way on anyone.  It's up to us.
  • What lies are you believing?  When you confront those lies with the Truth, we will experience freedom!
  • Are you trapped in your own prison of shame, guilt, depression or negative thoughts?  There is a way out!

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Hope you will come out to Grace Church this weekend.  If you can't come out live, make sure you lifestream one of the 5 service options!

See you there...