Have You Buried Your Dreams Under the Rug of Safety?

What is your THING?  You know what I’m talking about.  It’s that THING that is inside of you that bugs you.  It’s that THING that won’t let you sleep at night.  It’s that THING that you know God is leading you to do, start, stop or lead.  It could be a lifelong THING or a short-term THING.  Maybe God is prompting you to start a ministry or volunteer on a project or feed the homeless or give money or write a book.  Whatever it is that God has placed on your heart to do is your THING… Dreams


…It’s the DREAM that God has placed in your heart…

I’m not talking about daydreams!  Everyone has daydreams…I’m talking about raw, honest, audacious God-birthed dreams where your Heavenly Father has implanted a divine calling into your soul that moves you, stirs you, breaks you and shakes you!  Consequently, this dream inside of YOU moves others to action as well!  Thus, before long, a movement has begun and God is getting the glory.

You might have had one of these dreams at one time but you’ve allowed the negativity of life and the criticisms of others sap it dry. You have buried it deep under your mattress and are afraid to reach in, dust it off and discover what you’ve been missing.  Where did it go?  How you know if it’s from God?


Every dream that begins as a dream will fail.  That’s right, fail.  It might be a good idea, but not a God-idea.  A God-birthed dream does not begin with a dream.  Rather, it begins as a disturbance.  Disturbance is the riot in your soul that aggravates you to move towards something bigger than yourself.  Some call this the “firestorm of frustration” or a “holy discontent.”  Others call it a righteous indignation.  You might call it passion. Regardless, it is the disruption in your heart that sets you onto a new trajectory.

Dreams - by themselves - will eventually die of malnutrition due to lack of sustenance.  If left to itself, it will perish by the frostbite of discouragement or the virus of critics.  However, a dream that is ignited by, fueled by and sustained by a divine disturbance will not only change the dreamer, but eventually change the world.  It will have the ability to fight off the enemies that commonly attack.  It will have the perspective to make the tough call and to stick it out when your back is against the wall.

So, as you navigate your day-to-day life, I want to challenge you to lean into those things that disturb you, frustrate you and aggravate you.  For in them, you might just discover the DREAM that God wants to resurrect inside of you!


Are you ready?  Or are you going to continue living a "normal" life

NOTE:  This is an excerpt from my upcoming book title Divine Disturbance.  It's an exciting journey through the Old Testament book of Nehemiah.  It is scheduled to release early 2014.  Stay tuned.  Make sure you sign up for my email subscription to make sure you're informed of latest news and publications of the book launch.