Grace Group Leader Video for Fall 2014

Church should not be experienced in a row; but in a circle.  If you are merely focused at the back of someone's head trying to pay attention to a sermon, true spiritual transformation will seldom happen.  However, when you move from a row (sitting in church) to a circle (joining a small group - or a Grace Group - as we call them at Grace Church), the likelihood for life-change increases dramatically. Here's a message that I have to all of our current Grace Group Leaders (and potential leaders) for the upcoming fall season of ministry...


Here's a brief outline of the key dates and information that was discussed:

  • In the past, we have had Grace Group launches based around a curriculum or corresponding sermon series. There will still be the option for groups to utilize these resources, but our campaigns will no longer be driven by a certain curriculum; rather, the over-all goal will be to get people connected!
  • Visit the Grace Group Resource Page HERE to get the latest resources for your group.
  • Grace Group Semester Cycle
    • Fall 2014             Sept 8 – Nov 24
    • Spring 2015        Feb 2 – April 27
    • Summer 2015    June 1 – Aug 30
    • Fall 2015             Sept 14 – Nov 23
  • Group Gathering- August 27, 7-9pm.We want and need all Grace Group Leaders to join us!
    • New Grace Group Leader Training will happen from 6-7pm (before the Grace Group Gathering)
  • Group Link – September 6/7 after each of the five weekend services (more details to follow)