My thoughts about Charleston, SC Church Shooting

My heart hurts in an incredible way as I type this. I have wrestled with the question as to whether or not to post something about this, but I felt that couldn't NOT write something.  

One of the players I work with on the Chiefs, Sanders Commings, lost his cousin, Rev. Clementa Pinckney, in this senseless act of violence.  Eight others lost their lives.  I can't believe that someone would stoop so low as to go into a church, join with them in prayer and Bible study for an hour, then at it's dismissal, unload his bigotry and cowardice on a group of people who might have a different skin color has he.  Despicable.  Disgusting.

As I texted Sanders yesterday, "in times like this I'm reminded of the quote 'when you can't trace the hand of God, you can always trust the heart of God.'' This does't make it right. This doesn't answer our questions of "why God?"  However, it does give us a picture that although we live in a fallen world surrounded by sin, there is hope in Jesus.  Even when we can't understand (which I don't and probably never will) we can trust.  

My human side never wants to forgive such a bastardly act of terrorism.  However, Jesus in me says differently. I'm sure Jesus will overcome in the end within my heart, but I'm having a hard time reconciling it (honestly).  

But what CAN we do?

We can shower the Charleston community with our love, prayers and support.  

We can hug our family a little tighter and never take them for granted. 

We can cling to the old rugged cross. 

We can pray for the shooter and his family (as much as I don't want to, we're called to). 

We can determine to live out of the overflow of a grace-filled God.  We can share with others during this season of certain uncertainty about the hope and love of Jesus.  

The Gospel changes everything. Let Christ minister to you.  

Take your burdens to Him.

Take your questions to Him (He can handle them). 

Place your faith and trust in Him (