Your Pisgah Peak: The Difference Between Seeing and Seizing Your Dream

Wouldn’t it be a tragedy to SEE your dream but never to SEIZE your dream?  When this happens, you’ve reached your Pisgah Peak.  Let me explain… Promised Land

Moses’ entire life had pointed toward this one moment. No, it was not the dramatic burning bush experience.  Red Sea crossing? Not a chance.  Water from the rock?  Nope.  Manna from heaven?  Sorry.

Moses’ magnificent obsession, his magnum opus, his life-long work was the dream of personally entering the Promised Land.  However, he experienced the heart wrenching pain of only being able to SEE the Promised Land, but never being able to SEIZE the Promised Land.

There had been some anger issues that had consumed Moses his entire life.  This was the ONE THING that prevented him from seizing his dream.  His anger was his Achilles heel, his thorn in the flesh, his Kryptonite.  God had given him a long time to get this fixed, but time after time, Moses failed.

It all came to a head in Numbers 20 when Moses failed God once again and, in anger, struck the rock with his rod instead of doing as God commanded and simply speaking to it.  (Click HERE to view entire sermon where I preached on this). 

But a reading jumped out today that I’ve been chewing on all morning.  It’s Deuteronomy 3:27-28.  God is speaking to Moses and telling him to:

 “Go up to Pisgah Peak, and look over the land in every direction.  Take a good look, but you many not cross the Jordan River.  Instead, commission Joshua and encourage and strengthen him, for he will lead the people across the Jordan.  He will give them all the land you now see before you as their possession.” (NLT)


Talk about a devastating experience!  God ushered Moses up to Pisgah Peak, the point where he could SEE the Promised Land in full panorama.  God says, “Moses, take a good look.  Embrace this moment.  Remember this picture.  This is what you COULD have had, but you were not able to lead yourself in ONE area – your anger.  Therefore SOMEONE else will SEIZE that which you can only SEE.


So my question to you is this:


What is the ONE THING that is keeping you from your Promised Land? 


We typically don’t struggle with 47 things.  It usually stems from ONE THING that spreads to the other 46.


What does your Promised Land look like?  God’s Promised Land for us is not a destination but rather the person that He wants us to become.  It’s less about what we DO but rather about WHO WE ARE in Christ!  The impact that we have for the Kingdom and the legacy that we’ll leave the next generation!


Jesus says, “the enemy comes only steal, kill and destroy.  But I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly!”  (John 10:10)


The enemy wants you to stand on the brink of your Promised Land, like Moses, being able to SEE it but not being able to SEIZE it.


Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if all of your life you were able to SEE your Promised Land but never able to SEIZE your Promised Land?


Don’t live on Pisgah Peak.  Cross over the Jordan and seize your Promised Land!