The Power of Journaling

There is power in the written word.  Especially if YOU are the one who wrote it.  Journaling has a way to open up the windows of your past and doors to your future.  Here are the 3 benefits of journaling...  

1. Journaling brings clarity

I usually write both in the morning and in the evening. In the morning I write out what the day brings, and then in the evening, I write how the day went. But what I’ve found is that when I’m stressed about something that seems to be big and insolvable, when I take the time to write out the problem, I’m able to gain perspective and see it in a new light.

What’ve I’ve recently done that might seem strange for the average journaler, is that I’ve been taking my written journal entries from my paper journals, and putting them into a journal software program called DAYONE. I have it on my computer, IPad and IPhone. But what it has done, it has allowed me to see reoccurring themes in my life. And now, when I’m praying about something or frustrated with a situation, I can usually track it back to a similar time in my life and I see how I responded in THAT situation. Then it gives me clarity for the present situation.

2. Journaling brings gratitude

If you are new to journaling, start with dedicating a journal for gratitude. We tend to get complacent and grumpy when we focus more on what we don’t have than on what we DO have. Start writing down all of the things that you’re grateful or thankful for. Go back in time on this too. It gets fun.

I did this recently and I went back and wrote that I was thankful for my second grade teacher, Mrs. Cram. She was one of the first people to tell me that I was a leader and that I was going to help lots of people in this world one day. Holy cow! I was teary eyed when I was writing about that situation. We have SO much to be thankful for…let’s write that down and never forget it.

3. Journaling builds a legacy

Don’t you wish you know more about your grandparents and great-grandparents? Wouldn’t it be amazing to give to the next generation in your family or those closest to you, something to pass down? This is something that we are very intentional about in our ministry.   This is a book that our Grace@Home ministry put together that helps people outline the legacy that they want to leave and gives them a place to start and a path to follow.

Also, one thing that I just started to doing is writing in the margins of a wide-margin Bible notes to my oldest daughter, Caroline. I’m going to give her that Bible when she turns 13 and hopefully, every page will have notes similar to this... Most of them are lessons that I want her to remember and things that I want her to pay attention to…When I get done, there will be literally thousands of letter letters from me to her that she’ll hopefully treasure forever.