Prayers for my bride, Frances Kelley

I seldom write personal prayer requests for the world to see but I'm breaking norm with this post. My beloved Frances is going in for another surgery this Thursday, April 2nd to reconnect her ureter back to her bladder.  For those who don't know the whole story, here it is... IMG_9357

Last year (2014) we discovered that Frances had 3 fibroid tumors (softball sized) in her uterus.  We knew that she was going to have to have a hysterectomy to get them all out so we scheduled a surgery for the middle of February, 2015.  Well, that didn't last long because about a month before her scheduled surgery, she started bleeding uncontrollably.  It was bad. Her hemoglobin went from a 13 to a 6.

In the ER, they gave her a spinal injection and heavy meds to stop the bleeding for a week so we could expedite the scheduled hysterectomy.  She then went in for a normal hysterectomy.  They were hoping to do it all laproscopicly but her uterus was just too big.  They said that a normal size uterus is 60 grams and hers was almost 700! So, they performed C-section, took out uterus and sewed her back up.

We thought everything was normal until we got home and she started to have incredible amounts of pain - I mean, excruciating. We thought this was normal side affects of the surgery, but when her temperature spiked one night, we called the doctor and they recommended that we come to the ER.

Once in in the ER, we discovered that during the surgery, the surgeon had accidentally severed her left ureter (the urine tube that connects your kidney to your bladder).  So, for about a week, the pain that she was feeling was her body (inside) filling up with urine.  Toxic urine.  She became septic (hence the high temperature) and they had to drain her abdomen and try several attempts to reconnect the plumbing - to no avail.

So, they sent her home with two tubes.  One abdomen tube to drain excess fluid (kept for 5 days) and kidney bag (kept for 6 weeks) to capture any urine that was being produced through the left kidney.  This was done to allow the area to heal so they can reattach the ureter back to the bladder.

And that's where we are now.  On Thursday of this week, she goes back in for a ureter reimplantation surgery.  This will be another 6-week recovery and hopefully, by the middle of May, she'll get a clean bill of health.

Frances has been amazing through this whole deal.  I've seen her grow closer to the Lord in ways that shock me.  Her perspective on this situation has been incredible.  She teaches me how to handle adversity with grace everyday.

We have been blessed beyond belief with a steady supply of meals that friends and family have provided during this time.  My extra 10 pounds I'm carrying around is a daily reminder of how blessed we are!

In all seriousness, we're so grateful that this happened during the football offseason.  February and March are the two slowest months of the year.  I've been able to serve my bride in a way that I never could have if it were any other 10 months out of the year.  For that, I'm grateful.

I'll update this blog with the latest news as it's the easiest to update everyone at once instead of my uncanny ability to give a delayed text response ;-)

Here's our prayer requests:

  1. Successful surgery
  2. Emotional stability (attitude, perspective, grace)
  3. We can be a blessing to the doctors and nurses (last surgery we had 1 nurse visit church)
  4. We would learn the lessons from this season instead of miss them