Do Your Prayers Make God Yawn?

Want a SNEAK PEAK into the book that I'm writing called Divine Disturbance?  Come on, only a peek ;-) Here it is.  A glimpse from chapter 2 called "Dependence."

Do Your Prayers Make God Yawn?

Chapter 2 – Dependence

“Nothing of eternal significance is ever accomplished apart from prayer.”

Do your prayers make God yawn?  Is God bored with your requests?  Are demons unmoved in the presence of your petitions?  Are you a prayer warrior or a prayer worrier?

If I followed you around the last six months and recorded ALL of your prayers (silent and vocal), what would my journal look like?   Would phrases like “be with me” and “keep my family safe” and “bless this food” be listed over and over and over and over?  Would my ink be forced to write observations like

“Why are they praying like they don’t believe in God?”

“Where’s the power?”

“Is the God that they read about the same God they pray to?”

Tragically, this has become the norm.  Weak prayers by weak people to a weak God.

I believe that the reason we have grown inept in our prayer lives is because we grown calloused to the disturbance in our souls.  But once awakened by disturbance, we will forever be changed.  The gap in the world between what currently IS and what COULD be CANNOT be accomplished through human efforts alone.  No amount of creativity or ingenuity can accomplish a divine disturbance.

The chasm is too wide.

The peak is too tall.

The endeavor is too dangerous.

The mission is too impossible.

Apart from prayer.


But Luke 1:37 enters like a splash of cold water in the face from a cozy dream and shouts “…with God, all things are possible!”

You’re right you can’t do this.  That’s exactly where God wants you to be.  There’s a reason why the Hebrew people were backed up against the cul-de-sac of God’s providence as their heels were wading in the Red Sea.  God had perfectly positioned His people to where the ONLY place they could look was up!  And what happened next, we’re still talking about today!

So it is with your Divine Disturbance.  Even though you can’t articulate it yet, you know in your soul that it is impossible for you to do.  I’ve heard it said that if the size of your dream is not intimidating to you it’s probably insulting to God.  I would add to this.  If your Divine Disturbance does not FORCE you to your knees in dependent prayer, then it’s probably just a good idea, not a God-idea.  It probably came from a planning session, not a providential season.

The disturbance in Nehemiah’s soul was nothing short of divine.  We see this clearly in what he DID with the disturbance.  The news stopped him in his tracks.  Then, due to the magnitude of the situation, the deplorable condition of Jerusalem, he was forced to drop to his knees in dependent prayer.  It is only after he prays can he roll his sleeves up and get to work.   Stop.  Drop.  Roll.

Without the mighty favor of God, the wrong you see in the world will never be made right.  Without this divine favor the gap between what currently is and what could be will never be closed. Nehemiah, when wrecked with the brutal facts of reality, directed his prayers through five audacious filters (Character, Confession, Covenant, Consistency, and Courage).

(End of Sample Chapter)

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