Refined by Delay

There’s a better way to look at those times when you feel that you're in a delay period; when you're in God's holding pattern and feel like you're constantly circling the runway, never landing. silver-refining

Instead of being DEFINED by it, choose to be REFINED by it!  When you do this, you change the script.  You move past the immediate.  You catch a vision for WHY God is putting you on this holding pattern.  Instead of blaming your past, you’re framing your future!

Maybe you’re not READY to handle the weight of God’s Dream for your life.

Maybe there are some things in your life that need to be chiseled out by the master sculptor.

Maybe God needs to teach you some private lessons before you have a public launch.

Maybe God wants you to humble yourself privately now so He doesn’t have to humiliate you publicly later.

When you are refined by your delay (or failure or setback), you are like the silversmith who is molding silver over a burning fire.  How does the silversmith know when the silver is just right?  When he takes the silver out of the fire, looks at it and he can see his reflection in silver!  All of the impurities have been burned out.  The fire has produced perfection.

In the same way, our Savior might be holding you out over the fire of life so that, when you are finished, He can pull you out and see HIS reflection in YOU!