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Jen Keller Executive Coaching



Proposal for Executive Coaching

with Phillip Kelley


January 15, 2019




It was great chatting with you today on the phone. I believe that you are exactly the kind of coaching client that I want to work with. The most successful people in the world have coaches and I am thrilled to hear that you are looking to hire a coach to help you reach your desired goals.


Here’s our proposal to coach you in this upcoming season. There are two packages I offer as well as an additional customized option I have personalized for you.



  • Includes two full-day on-site strategy sessions with your leadership team through a custom-fit collaborative journey to bring new levels of focus and progress that focuses on vision clarity and visionary planning.

  • Using your team’s passion and unique vision, Phillip will lead you through a proven process that will deliver the right answers for your organization or personal growth (using Auxano Vision Path).

  • Customized resource development based on client goals.

  • All the features of the PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE included (see below).

    Engagement and Implementation Fee: $900 (one-time fee)
    Total Coaching + Consulting Proposal: $2,083 per month ($25,000 annually)



  • Your proposed coach, Phillip Kelley, will be on RETAINER for the length of your coaching relationship. Call, text, or email, ANY TIME and Phillip will get back with you THAT DAY. We basically view ourselves as your Part-Time Executive Team Members for the duration of this agreement.

  • Phillip will be available to meet you for FOUR on-site visits for a half day meeting where we will develop a LifePlan, LifeCall, and organize the session with the client’s goals in mind. All of Phillip’s airfare / travel expenses are included within your proposal at no extra charge. 

  • In between on-site visits, Phillip will be available for monthly one-hour virtual meetings via video chat, where you will receive one-on-one coaching.  

  • You’ll receive monthly copies of latest leadership books as well as many other additional resources that pertain to your goals and personalized growth plan.

Engagement and Implementation Fee: $900 (one-time fee)
Total Coaching Proposal: $1,245 per month ($14,940 annually)



  • Same as Life Coach Pro, but changes to the following:

  • Schedule two on-site half day meetings where we will develop LifePlan and goal sessions.

  • Includes bi-weekly (twice / month) progress report / follow up calls (1 hour)

Engagement and Implementation Fee: $900 (one-time fee)

Total Coaching Proposal: $708 per month ($8,500 annually)

For Jen Keller - $7,500 as discussed (PK on 1/15/19)

 Let’s get started now!

Phillip Kelley

Cell: 913-626-8224

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