…I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.”

“…authentic, real, vulnerable, powerful are just a few of the words to describe Phillip Kelley’s message and story.”

“Invite Phillip Kelley to your event, meeting or leadership team and you won’t regret it. He delivered to 16 of our regional managers and we invited him to speak to all 600 managers because we didn’t want anyone to miss out.” 

I believe that everyone, every team and every leader has unique gold inside of them, waiting to get pulled out.

Phillip Kelley has been called a “human potential extractor.”

As one of the nation’s premier speakers and trainers, Phillip Kelley serves high-capacity leaders, executives, professional coaches and athletes and their teams to discover their true, authentic selves. His leadership talks are immediately understandable, credible and life-changing. His approachability and likability make it easy for any event planner to work with and welcome back year after year.

His experience working with the highest caliber athletes, business owners and university presidents has allowed him to become a go-to expert in the field of human capacity, leadership and personal development.


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